Zeek Promo Code — How to Get £3+ Off Your First Zeek.me Order

Zeek promo and discount codes — how to find and use them

Zeek is a popular marketplace for buying and selling gift cards — but did you know that you can get an additional £3.00 off your first order with a Zeek promo code?

This is the link to the official Zeek promo code page:


This Zeek discount code is free — all you have to do is register a new account on Zeek.me, as there are no promo codes currently available for existing registered users.

Click the link above and you’ll see a message that a £3.00 credit (discount code) has been added to your basket ready to spend immediately. Just like in the image below:

It may take a few seconds for it to pop up.

You’ll also see this message on the page:

That confirms that you’ll get £3.00 off your first order of a gift card with Zeek.me.

Next, just select any gift card and buy to use your zee promo code immediately.

Zeek Promo Code FAQ

continue to read below for more information about Zeek.me, or visit the official site.

Zeek.me: What is it?

Zeek.me is a marketplace for gift vouchers — you can buy and sell them and there are big savings to be made if you’re doing online shipping.

Some of the most popular gift cards available to buy at discounts of on average about 10%, but as much as 25% at times, are Zalando, House of Fraser, Ralph Lauren, Sports Direct, Apple’s App Store and iTunes, New Look, Argos, Starbucks, Debenhams, John Lewis, Next and many more popular online retailers.

At the moment Zeek does not cover some of the more niche online stores, which is a shame — they really only do online promo codes for the big stores. Hopefully in time there will be more sites added though.

Where are the other places to buy gift cards online?

Other than Zeek.me, the most popular gift card sites are one4allgiftcard.co.uk and highstreetvouchers.com

You can also buy

Is it legal to trade gift cards online?

With many retailers it is yes, but not all — you may notice that on some voucher cards a notice like this “not redeemable for cash”.

That just means you cannot take it into the store and exchange it for money, unless you bought it and are getting a refund.

Is it safe to buy gift cards from Zeek.me?

Yes — Zeek.me is the official online marketplace in the UK for gift cards from a number of popular online retailers. These retailers have allowed Zeek to trade their gift and promo cards, so it’s safe to buy them on that site.

Sometimes you will see gift cards for sale much cheaper on sites like eBay and Gumtree. While these might be legitimate, they are not guarantees like gift cards purchased though Zeek are.

Are there any Zeek promo codes available?

Yes there is currently one Zeek promo code and it gives a £3.00 discount on your first purchase— you just need to visit the zeek.me site for the first time and it should apply a discount to your order, if you’re a new user.

Zeek discount codes are only available for new users at the moment and are automatically applied to your account when you register a new account.

How Does Zeek.me work?

It’s pretty simple — you can either buy or sell gift cards on Zeek.me.

If you’re selling, then you list your card at a discounted rate. Let’s say you have a £50 Zalando gift card to sell, you might be able to sell it for £40. You enter the gift card code into the Zeek.me site and it’s listed for sale.

Someone who wants to buy £50 worth of stuff from Zalando sees your gift card listed and buys it a few days later, for £45. You get the £40, Zeek.me gets £5 and the buyer gets £50 of credit for £45.

They then enter the gift card code you entered into Zeek on the Zalando website and spend it.

Is there a limit to how much I can buy on Zeek?

Yes — there is a limit of 10 gift card purchases per month per user account, so spend them wisely!

You can get an extra £3.00 discount with the Zeek promo code link I’ve listed at the top of this post if you register as a new user!

How many zeek promo codes can I use?

One per order usually. The zeek promo code above is for new users only, there are none for existing users at the moment (as of Jan 2018).

Do Zeek gift vouchers work in store or just online?

Both — it will say on the gift voucher page whether it’s an online or offline voucher.

Be sure to check which it is before buying — as they are not always usable on both.

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