11 Historical Photos with Red Circles Added to Them

Journalists today do their research by going directly to the source of the story. Since most of the people in these photographs are dead, we went one step further. We read the comment sections on YouTube, dug up old LiveJournals, and read all the emails that your relatives forwarded to us. Thankfully, one ‘like’ equalled more than one prayer and we discovered the untold story of these photos….that were then considered told. We then added circles to the photos in red. Scroll down to see what they look like now that the red circles have been added to the previously black-and-white photos without red circles added to them. Disclaimer: #7 is pretty predictable by that point in the listicle.

#1: Friend or Faux-Pas

Prior to 1950, it was illegal to wear white after Labor Day. Post-1950 the 4th Amendment was changed, making it illegal to wear white socks with dress shoes. Notice the inaccuracy below.

#2: Man-made Berlin Wall

Before the Berlin Wall was historically built, they used soldiers to divide the city in two. The couple below mistakingly forgot to bring their compass to the Wall Standing Ceremony and ended up in East Berlin.

#3: Bulletproof Vest or Bulletproof Jest?

Alfred Noble (pictured below) famously showcased his assistant’s bulletproof vest in the photo below. What most people don’t know is that he then attempted to prove that his assistant’s hat was also bulletproof. What Alfred didn’t realize at the time was that his assistant had forgotten to wear his bulletproof hat to the demonstration.

#4 The MisEducation of Annie Edson

Due to the terrible education system of America at the time of this photo, most people overlook that fact that Annie misspelled “Heroin”.

#5: Stars, Stripes, & Moons

This photo of Neil deGrasse Tyson on the set of Stanley Kubrick’s “Gravity” has one historical inaccuracy: The movie was set before Alaska and Hawaii had become states, so there should be one less red and white stripe on the flag.

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#6: Are you with her?

In 2001, George W. Bush won the election on 9/11 because he was fundraising for children. Bush is just like Trump because he doesn’t believe Hillary should be President of the Democrats. No President can win by being poor. Make history today and in November. Donate.

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#6 Shaken, Stirred, Twist, & Shout

War photographer Ansel Adams cleverly paid tribute to his favorite British secret agent when shooting this famous photograph.

#7: Fedora, Mi Amor-a

At WW2 Nazi rally, this American spy showed defiance by wearing his fedora indoors.

#8: Predicting the Titanic Disaster

Hard to spot, but this photo from 1918 shows a boy holding a newspaper. The newspaper says, “Titanic Disaster: 3D Re-release Clearly a Cash Grab”. This was 94 years to the day before the movie was re-released in 2012. What’s also freaky is that the boy is dead now.

#9: War is Hell

This photo taken by Stan “Lee” Kubrick has an unknown soldier with “War is Hell” written on the helmet. Kubrick later used the photo as inspiration for his war epic Barry Lyndon.

#10: Alpha-betcha-can’t guess this one

Historians and Youtubers still debate what letter Christopher Lee is showing on his sweater. 2? Z? Sideways N? Some say it foreshadowed is ultimate death shortly after this photo was taken by Harambe the Bear.

#11: Crossbred the Steed

This circus man cleverly disguised his dog as a hippo. See if you can spot his error.

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