There are times when age might be necessary as a descriptor, but I hope teams will try harder to get at what’s driving the behavior.
Describing Personas
Indi Young

What about the times when some demographic, like, age, is marker for multiple different semi-known or partially-guessed at drivers of behavior? Most of social and behavioral science seems to be seeking these drivers, for example, we don’t have an uncontested one sentence description of why young people tend to turnout to vote less than older people. Instead, we have lots of scholars debating about different reasons over the years. Some are very clear: people can’t vote when they are barred from registering to vote because of their demographics characteristics. But others are less clear. So, anyway, I wonder how a design team can say “We know what is driving this behavior that is correlated with age.” when, in fact, no social or behavioral scientist can say that. Or maybe, since design is about producing a product, you are talking about a reasoned guess based on the latest research?