Watch Out for Bad Advice.

My first small write based on the Bible.

Proverbs says that input from many counselors offers safety and that a variety of opinions brings success. But even with many counselors, we must choose enormously helpful counselors, rather than those who will rubber stamp our plans.

The people of Isaiah’s day urgently needed wise counsel, but they had difficulty discerning good advice from the bad. So, Isaiah contrasted the two.

Reliable counsel…

Listen Carefully to God.

Does not see conspiracies behind every problem.

Avoids acting out of fear.

Respects and praises God.

Unreliable counsel…

Ignores God’s law.

Allow anger to distort one’s perspective.

Leads to trouble and anguish.

Jacob T

Peacemaker. Thinker. Book Lover & Avid Reader. Absorbing Medium. Piano Player. Traveller. Cat Lover. Life Learner.

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