Do I have your attention?

Do you feel worthless?(!) Feel like you’re constantly being overlooked?(!) Ignored?(!) All of the above?(!)

Then have I got the thing for you.

It’s called a black hole.

These luxurious existence-vacuums are located in scenic deep space, and can be where you call home for the rest of your days (which won’t be very many once you jump in, because they’ll cease to exist altogether!)

Call 1–800-BLACKHOLE-NOW to book your one way trip!

Mention this ad and you’ll get 100% off your vacation package! That’s right. Your package is free. Because if you’re opting in for this deal, you must really need it.

Do you need to talk?

So do I.

But what words to say…

FUCK is a fun one. It can be used in a multitude of scenarios, depending on the vibe of a given situation.

There was no point to this.

I’m at another bar, having another bad time. I’m sorry I dragged you into this. It’s not my fault. It’s in my nature.

It is happening again.

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