Who says engineers can’t become entrepreneurs?
Preethi Kasireddy

Kudos for taking action. I think some of our most damaging choices can be made from inaction. I think it’s the things we didn’t do that haunt us more than our failures to execute. It’s the attempt that makes the difference in our minds when we look back on our past choices.

The self-awareness required to say ‘you know, I don’t think a year or two more will really help me’ is insane. Really high level stuff. And of course putting into perspective what could happen if your startup fails: Not much. You get a new job. You start again. That’s really cool.

I think just doing something is typically more important than what you do. Now I’m not saying that someone should run headlong into the next great idea. Don’t quit your jobs and gallivant into the sunset writing code for a futureless startup, hoping for happy-ever-after. Do your research like Preethi Kasireddy. Know it’s what you want, know not only the risks, but the potential pay-offs, too. And as soon as you’ve come to a decision, take action.