5 Steps To Write Good

Many people want to write. Few people can. Do you want to write? Find out below if you want to write. If you do, can you? Find out below if you can write, too, also.


Writing Longhand automatically totally increases your chances of WriteGood, e.g. you have a long hand, i.e. long fingers like a witch. You are born with Longhands and you pick up quill and find the motion of writing letters into words i.e. sentences fluid and easy on your Longhand extremity muscles. Think of it as long legs vs. short legs e.g. short people vs. tall people i.e. they’re playing basketball and Longlegs have advantageous quality and WinGame i.e. WriteGood.


Say you don’t have Longhands, but you still definitely totally don’t have Normalhands. You probably most likely have Bighand, and with Bighand your odds of becoming famous writer quadruple, i.e piece of cake e.g. German Chocolate cake. You have wide palms and bulky, mountainous ridges for fingers i.e. kids call you Yeti freak because you write with two quills in one hand like two jackhammers hitting sidewalk vs. one i.e. WorkFast.


Bonghand is total ultimate writing style for masters of both Longhand and Bighand i.e. Double Majorhand. Tolstoy had Bonghand and used skill to Bongwrite War & Peace, one of great Bonghand novels i.e. Classic Bonghand. Writing Bonghand is guaranteed to secure publishing deal with major publisher e.g. Harper Collins. Example of Bonghand would be the following passage of WriteGood: “Pierre was right when he said that one must believe in the possibility of happiness in order to be Bonghand. Let the dead bury the dead, but while I’m alive, I must live and be Bonghand.”


Grusto is combination word that combines great with gusto and means Grusto i.e. Great Gusto (Grusto). For those who are blessed with power of Grusto wield totally wisely for with Grusto your thinkies know no bounds. But how do you know if you type with Grusto, Musto (Moderate Gusto) or worse, Nusto? (Absolutely No Trace Of Gusto). Type this group of sentences i.e. paragraph i.e. the one you are reading now (read what I’m {author} is writing, and type it) i.e. this in under 15 seconds with no errors e.g. SpellRite, to find out if you have innate imbued Grusto. With Grusto in your literary arsenal i.e. weapons stockpile you will start raking (baking) in the dough (bread) i.e. money, i.e. you run a bakery (a WriteGood factory).


You can be still famous writer without writing i.e. NotWrite. Many famous writers choose Dialect Dictators opposed to Bonghand or Grusto, i.e. you talk into DictaBox which prints RealWords to be sold at market to publisher for cash. Dialect Dictators make great WriteGood accessory, ideal for lonely people talking to themselves or those who simply WriteBad. Expensive little machine but you will clean up at market and put writers out of business i.e. unemployed starving competition. This article was written entirely totally on Dialect Dictator and honors Holy Trinity of WriteGood, e.g. SpellRite, EditRite, and WriteRite. Guaranteed or total full refund buy Dialect Dictator today available in six colors silver black maroon gold key-lime hoarfrost.