Airbnb is buying San Francisco for the price of a few condos

The same thing happening in San Francisco, is happening in cities all over the world. Why is it that most of the contention that we hear regarding airbnb’s effect on local community is coming out of San Francisco? I have been a Bay Area Resident my entire life, spending the last 3 years in San Francisco. I have traveled all around the world. What makes cities great is their ability to embrace the masses to come and enjoy their offerings. Hotels are completely unaffordable for most, and these days even some hostels. Airbnb has provided a service that makes it easier to travel and create new life experiences. I personally could care less if a small majority of San Franciscans want to continue to stand on their already mountain high, pretentious soap box and try to control others from being able to experience the luxuries that they get to enjoy everyday. This city and its ridiculous housing prices already does a great job of keeping most people out and now we want to drive out one of the only low cost housing services because…. it brings in too many people to our neighborhoods? Let’s get real.