Optimising the Ethereum Virtual Machine
Jeffrey Wilcke

Is there really much point in optimizing EVMs in the ethereum 1.0 implementation? There are much more significant problems, like the solidity compiler being buggy, and gas being prohibitively expensive. I feel like optimizing EVMs is kind of like sharpening your knife before a gun fight. I mean it’s good to do, and especially good if the improvements port over with EIP 105 to a scalable protocol… I don’t mean to imply you’ve done something wrong here, or that it isn’t worth while — but it just seems like idk, trying to bail water out of a boat with a dixie cup or something. Every bit helps I suppose, and it does all need to be worked on, I just look at the overall picture, and EVM optimization doesn’t really rise to the first few pages of things I am thinking about. Just my two cents.

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