On Being and Becoming

The Significance of Choice

I can’t speak for anyone else but at times I feel consummately stressed, lost, at odds with most of the rest of the world… and with myself. For me this is most pronounced when I focus on weakness and limitations, when I see myself small, incapable, fragile.

Of course we all fall and fail and in the scheme of the universe we appear extremely insignificant. And though it can be said our experience is limited in scope and significance, every moment and each experience is singular and unique and thus becomes significant through the very act of its unfolding.

Our choice is then which moments become significant for us, and how we choose to react, how we decide to view our situation.

Without the input of choice and self-determination we are adrift without a compass, without sails, without oars, without an engine… some of us aren’t even given a boat in the first place and are thrown into a raw life, naked with no resources or foreseeable hope or future. Without some making the choice to lend service to others many more would be lost.

Our choice is to find our strength.

Our choice is to be the one who stands in the gap.

Our choice is to live ferociously, with boldness, to endeavor to excellence, to strive to leave the world better than it was before, to move mountains, to save lives, to smile at the end of our days and be complete, satisfied, full of hope.

The Anatomy of Being

Sunrise from Chasm Lake, east of Longs Peak, CO

If the abundance within your heart, the refrain in your inner brain, the script written primarily by a young child’s strongest reactions to powerful emotion, is concerned with fear, doubt, shame, guilt, stress or other negative leaning emotion you may become prone to apathy, to settling for less, or to self-destructive acts and habits.

If on the other hand your heart is at peace, full of excitement, joy, wonder, with hopeful imaginations of the future, settling on the best memories and ruminations, peaked into divine purposes by the grand drama of life, you may find it easier to believe in your strength, your potential, your highest service to yourself and others.

Something can happen, if you let it, if you set yourself free, if you allow yourself to imagine, if you give yourself room to breathe. When you choose, when you actually start to believe, when you actually start to test yourself, to reach, to see well and true, to see that you can turn around, to see that you can.

The thing is, when you are on a downward trajectory, when your life is not working out the way you expected and you feel the pressure, the gravity of all the combined responsibilities, the lack of time, the approaching finality of our mortal existence… this is the most important time to let it all go.

If we get what we focus on, if we move in the direction of our strongest feelings, if we are as we think we are, how do we change the focus to change the story? How do we turn what is into what should be?

In response to the previous questions comes all of the standard cliche answers, because they are all true. Everyone knows to eat well and exercise. Everyone knows to get a good night’s sleep. Everyone knows that it is not a good thing to do massive amounts of drugs, to panic about a normal social situation, or to stay up all night watching television or playing video games (normally).

So what are we all missing when we decide it’s a good idea to bar crawl until 2 a.m. and pass out before the pizza arrives? Why is happiness seemingly an unusual phenomena? Where do we find the momentum to rally our full energy, to channel our emotions and experiences, to move forward with strength, passion, and purpose??

Who do you think you are?
What do you think you are capable of?
What dreams are you working towards in your life?

Are there some of us that are letting the ups and downs of life, the opinions of others, or just general fear and anxiety determine our purposes, or lack thereof? If we are honest we might see how our ideas about ourselves and our beliefs about the world can have strong effects on decisions and habits. Can you see a way, a time, a purpose that would produce different answers to these questions?

The truthful and objective answers to the right questions will take us much further than the subjective, emotional and generalized diatribe.

Asking why life is horrible, what’s wrong with you, why you always make these type of decisions, wondering how everyone else is so wonderful and put together…


Asking how you can make life better for yourself and others, what are your dreams and strengths, what can you do to make more rewarding decisions, what exactly do I want, how can I be happy for others and find the peace and prosperity I desire…

These viewpoints and questions can come from the exact same place and experience. That which is horrible and terrifying and debilitating to some can be a catalyst for massive change and compassion for others.

It is too easy to have a limited view of the self. We can let the accusations, ghosts of the past, stories we tell ourselves, pain we’ve nurtured or hundreds of other powerfully destructive processes and habits take control of our minds and hijack our emotions. How much time has been spent collectively on these useless meditations?

Becoming What You Are

Aspen trees near Snowmass, CO

Let go of the hurt, the pain. Let go of what other’s have done, let go of what you have done. You can never move forward if you are focused on what is behind, mired in regret or blame. No matter what or who tries to remind you of who they think you are, you must look forward to who you are becoming.

In order to start something, to invest time and energy, you must believe that there is a chance of success, you must believe there is a way, you must believe in yourself, in your ability to harness and leverage your power and influence.

When fear, pain, bitterness and the lesser emotions hold sway and influence belief, growth and progress are discontinuous, broken. Holding two opposing ideals voids both and creates entropy. If you hate or diminish yourself or move in discordance with your truths, if you are unable to separate your acts from your being, or if you can’t let go of stale knowledge and memories you will always see tension and anxiety at work.

The problem isn’t experiencing a setback or a tragedy, the problem is how long you sit there and dwell on it. Imagine a piece of music that just stops and plays one tone incessantly for two years… not very appealing, and not very useful.

In order to actually change your course and gain momentum you will need to know where you are going and have an idea how to get there. The first step is in realizing that you have everything you need within you to experience a truly magnificent life and to affect the world for generations to come.

Now is the time to drop what is of no use.

Now is the time to rage against apathy and despair.

Now is the time to find a better way.

How do you change the world? By changing one person. Perhaps if you change, we change.

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