I’m a good software engineer.
Sharon Warner

“ From what I’ve gathered online, some guy said that women aren’t good developers”-This isn’t at all what the document said. He argues that the traits that lead people to become engineers are less common in woman. These traits are binary; you have them or you don’t. He’s not making a statement on the relative quality of female and male engineers.

I realize that as a woman in engineering you deal with a lot of things I don’t and I sympathize with your struggle. But regardless of whatever your personal plight in this world may be we can all agree that ignorance is a common enemy. It breeds hates, discrimination and a lot of the situations that I’m guessing inspired your article. But ignorance does not fight ignorance. We fight bigotry by challenging ourselves to face our own biases everyday. While I think your words were intended to encourage unity and peace, by putting one more emotional and uniformed opinion into the world you’re not helping anyone.

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