Hey, Boomers, a Millennial Here. Can We Talk?
Nicole Hallberg

I hate the look boomers give millennials who can’t find a job utilizing their expensive degrees in Art History, Philosophy… as if it wasn’t the boomers telling the millennials they could be anything they want to be and they can do what they love. I never heard a boomer say “everyone hates their job so just focus on getting one that pays well so you can do what you love on vacation!” That would have been awesome advice!

There’s a finite number of jobs with a trend of boomers working well into their retirement. There’s a flood of millennials dragging college debt trying to scarf up any full time job. It’s like job seeking millennials are playing musical chairs against boomers only boomers got a head start finding a chair/job and there are a lot fewer chairs than players! Of course millennials aren’t going to find promising career chairs when there’s so few left over from the boomers.

So where are the hardworking boomer role models that millennials should follow? They’re the boomers still working into their seventies and not retiring from a job so the millennials can have it! So role model choices are either work really hard into your seventies so you have a better chance of not outliving your retirement savings or create a website like Facebook in your early twenties and become one of the richest men alive… Surprise! Millennials are completely fixated on social media!

Boomers left a hell of a mess in their wake for millennials to make the best of. Not fair, not right, but that’s the way it is. I just wish boomers would stop judging millennials for not cleaning it up faster!