Porn Makes Men Terrible in Bed
Emma Lindsay

Imagine a teenager boy on the high school basketball team but every other player on his team is LeBron James; how long would it take before the boy stops playing basketball because no one is paying attention to him or if they do, they’re asking why he’s not more talented like every other basketball player? How long will it take before a boy who is saturated with porn asks his first serious girlfriend why she isn’t into anal or 3-ways like all the other girls he’s watched having sex? A teenager boy will attentively watch days worth of porn before he has sex for the first time and none of that porn will accurately depict the sex he’ll be involved in. From a girl’s view, it’s like shopping for a new car (agreeing to have sex with a boy) and seeing the sticker prices are unrealistically inflated (boy’s expectations for sex) and it’s up to the girl to negotiate down to a reasonable price (mutually pleasurable experience) only a young woman may not know what the fair price is (personally pleasurable experience). Porn raises the bar on both boys and girls to have wild sex in at least 3 positions, for an hour and the girl has to moan so loud the neighbors blush. With that kind of expectation, I can understand why neither boys nor girls are satisfied with their sexual partners; girls learn to fake it like porn stars which how they both think normal girls act and boys learn they can eventually find girls like porn-stars. If a girl honestly tried to teach a boy that sex with her should be more sensual, would the boy believe that’s how this girl has sex or would he believe that’s how most girls have sex? Chances are neither of them would really know how most girls enjoy sex and they’ll revert to their porn education so the boy thinks he can find a porn star girl elsewhere if he keeps looking and the girl will feel inadequate unless she has sex like a porn star (fake it).

Young men and women really need a different kind of “the talk” with their parents. They need a talk that focuses on how intimate and serious sex is plus they need to know sex is different from porn in that porn is dangerously focused on only appealing to the guy. Parents, warn your teenager sons and daughters: Don’t try porn at home! Leave it to the trained professionals.