My First Virtual Reality Groping
Jordan Belamire

My heart goes out to you, Jordan, and every other woman who will be viewed as less than male to some people. Of course your experience felt real, the entire VR industry is dedicated to making these experiences feel real and the industry will get infinitely better at it in the near future. My point is VR assaults will feel even more real tomorrow and we should focus on stopping them today.

The biggest obstacle we face with online assaults is the anonymous online environment which removes self censorship. Unfortunately some people only try to appear to others like they are a good person so when nothing but a fake username represents some people, then they don’t have any compulsion to be a appear like a good person. We’ll see a huge decrease in VR assaults when player identity is directly tied to their real identity. Perhaps this means tying usernames to real names or perhaps it just means a single username per person so that the person is intimately tied to their username and feels it represents them.

Of course the real problem is that so few people want to improve their soul; be good because they truly desire it and tie it to their own sense of worth.