The Tamir Rice Piece I Didn’t Want To Write
Jay W. Cobb

…As if we are just supposed to throw up our hands and say, “Oh well,” and ignore the background of the police officer who shot him: “Loehmann resigned from a previous police department just as he was about to be fired for incompetence with firearms and repeatedly displaying emotional disturbances.” ( )…and as if we are to ignore the precedent set by the large number of police killings of unarmed black people in the past few years (and before).

Sorry to hear that some feel they’ve been “Trayvoned Out” and are exhausted from weighing these situations…but hey at least we haven’t been “taken out” by lethal action from vigilantes or police! Yeah, racism is a drag to hear about…imagine what it’s like to live with on the receiving end!

Getting into defining Rice as a “appearing as a man” is about as helpful and destructive as the testimony by the officer who feared for his life when he killed Michael Brown - his account was that Brown seemed like some sort of monster, or demon. This emphasis on the perception of black subjects as “grown men,” “demons,” etc, cannot be acceptable as an excuse for their deaths. It only shows the fear in the minds of those who pulled the trigger.

From the linked article above:

‘White English casts Tamir Rice, for the first time in his short life, as an equal among men — rather than as a 12-year-old boy limited by the judgment of his years.

He “should have known better.” He should have “listened to the police,” as if there’s no reason to doubt their claim that they yelled three warnings to this child in less than two seconds.

White English repeats, over and over, that this child was “big for his age.”’

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