Keep On Swinging

I’m worried about our state as a nation. We aren’t sickly, but we keep throwing up every night and yet still keep drinking. If we grind through the pain, maybe we’ll get used to it.

Do we want to get used to it? Or are these last few blows (namely photoshopping larger hands, alternative facts, and a gag order on climate change) really enough to make us see straight?

Maybe lets spend a year sober america. I known its hard, but like NA says, take it one day at a time.

I’m manic-depressive, an older word for bipolar I. I can understand the ebb and flow of a bipolar relationship with politicians. Executive orders are bad? At least under obama, right? But now they are okay? Someone needs to get their meds readjusted.

The point is we cant take it one issue at a time anymore. There’s issues in our face, all the time. And by god they need action. At least a lot of them do. Women’s Rights, LGBT rights, and most rights in general. Are those things really up for debate? Fellate who you want, but give a good hard look at the alternative facts. Because the phrase “alternative fact” has a really good word, already existing in the English language!

It’s called a LIE. So maybe we can lie to ourselves, but that doesn't do shit for the real rights in question. Hoist those spears, because 300 Spartans didn’t die for nothing. So fight back? Hell yeah.

Take no fucking prisoners.

she gets on my tongue