Originally published March 13, 2015

Today marks my first year working at Adobe Typekit, and I wanted to take this opportunity to thank my colleagues for being so damn awesome and reflect on some of the things I’ve had the pleasure of working on.

I am incredibly lucky to work with such a great team — people I had followed on Twitter, read about in books, and stalked at conferences previous to joining. The wealth of type, typography, and web knowledge is just crazy and I am humbled to be a part of it.

Over the year I’ve worked on a number of different things and have fallen for the product design world. I thoroughly enjoy the iterative process and getting to spend more time on the things that need it. This is something I hadn’t done too much before with client based work that has a fixed budget / timescale etc.

I’m enjoying working remotely and have had the opportunity to travel a lot more this past year to visit the office in San Francisco and attend conferences worldwide.

I’m not sure any of my friends or family have any idea at what I actually do day-to-day apart from playing on the computer and drinking coffee. While this isn’t far off, I generally spend around half my time designing — wireframes, page layouts, icons, etc — and the other half writing front-end code to implement the designs. It is incredibly varied and I rarely spend all my time the same two days in a row.

A few projects that I am most happy with include the new plans page, learn & support page, and our jobs page. The plans page was an epic project that I worked on across 11 months with over 50 iterations of the page — we really wanted to get this one right! The page needed updating to reflect that you also get a Typekit plan with an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription. The page has multiple(!) states depending on the level of plan you have / if you have a plan. Explaining all the complex information was a real challenge and we have been iterating on the copy post launch to make sure everything is as clear as possible.

The learn & support page is a new page to replace our previous help page. The help page hadn’t been updated for a while needed a little love. With the new page we wanted to make it much easier to reach all our help docs, make it super clear how to get in touch for help, and link to Typekit Practice articles. A big part of this work was implementing and measuring analytics on the page to see which information is most useful to people.

Another small, but fun project I worked on was our jobs page. We wanted somewhere to display our current job opportunities and tell people more about why they might want to work with us. We happened to be on a visit over to the SF office at the time so Elliot took some nice photos of our space and I borrowed a couple of Ryan’s lovely shots of the city. I had a lot of fun designing the icons for the ‘What’s it like to work at Typekit?’ section — especially the chemex! The page is static so it can be updated quickly without needing to deploy the entire site. I used Sassline to get it up and running super quickly and I’m really happy how it came out.

Typekit team — thanks, and here’s to the next year!

Originally published at jakegiltsoff.co.uk/posts/typekitaversary on March 13, 2015

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