New clubs, and exciting news

The past few weeks have been very productive and exciting. Rhys Cassidy and I have been talking about different education ideas. I have also been trying to help people in the innovations class when I can, some great stuff will be coming out of this class.

American Sign Language club at Noblesville high school will be starting on Wednesday October 1st. This club will be student lead and student taught. Taylor and I (we started the club at the request of some students) are very excited for the new club and think there will be a great turn out. However this club would not have been possible without the help of many students and staff at Noblesville, as well as Mr. Wettrick and the Innovations class for giving us ideas on pitch day as well as thought the whole process.

The other project I will be co-leading is the innovations club at our high school. This club will focus on things people can do around our school and most likely branch off into their own projects.

Some of the other innovation students and I will also be starting a gaming youtube channel soon, looking forward to that and the many new awesome things coming from the innovations class.

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