Deploy your app in 5 minutes or less — a step by step tutorial.

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How to Deploy a React App with Firebase Hosting

Getting Started

In this tutorial, I will be demonstrating how you can deploy your React app using Firebase Hosting. I will assume that you already have a Firebase project set up. If you do not, you can create one using the Firebase Console.

You will also need to ensure have a React app created. For this, I will use Create React App. You can create a new React app by running the following:

npx create-react-app firebase-hosting-demo

Install Firebase Tools

Next, you will need to install the firebase tools that will allow you to deploy your app. You can install the tools by running the following:

npm install firebase-tools…

Leveraging the power of React hooks to combine the real-time advantages of Cloud Firestore with the state management power of Redux.

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In this post, I will dive into how you can connect Firebase, specifically Cloud Firestore, to your React + Redux application. I am also using TypeScript because it has a lot of advantages when used with React and Redux. If you are interested in learning how you could structure a React + Redux + TypeScript application, this post will be of great value to you.

The general idea and architecture behind this post is to set up subscriptions to documents and collections in our React components and register action creators to be fired when data is created, updated, deleted, etc. …

Use Geohashing to retrieve nearby locations in Google’s Cloud Firestore.

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Querying for nearby places is an almost essential feature to many web and mobile applications. Let’s dive into how you could implement this feature with Google Cloud Firestore.

The Problem

Typically when searching for nearby locations, you would need to create a range of latitude and longitude coordinates that could be used to capture a list of restaurants, stores, etc. However, Cloud Firestore queries can only perform range filtering on a single field. This means that we are unable to query on both latitude and longitude as separate fields. So, can we combine them?

Yes, and luckily an algorithm for this already exists! Someone else has already solved this problem for us — it’s called Geohashing. …


Jake Richards

Hey, I’m Jake — a senior computer science undergrad at the University of Mississippi. My passion is transforming ideas into reality through coding.

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