Block Calendar Time for a Daily Highlight

Make Time Month, Week 4

Quick background: I decided to start off my new writing career with a month of experiments to make time and boost focus. (You can still sign up here if you want to join me!)

It’s the final week of Make Time Month. Last week was about “Turning your bedroom into a bed room”, which for me meant getting rid of my Kindle.

Only… I didn’t take my Kindle out of the bedroom. Well, I did on the first night, but the next day I received several emails from people gently explaining that I could turn the light off on my Kindle. And I was like Oh yeah, that makes sense… So I did. As those readers accurately guessed, it wasn’t books that kept me up so much as the blue-ish backlight and the fact I could keep reading after my wife fell asleep. So now I have to leave a light on to read my Kindle, which I suppose is a technological step backward, but I’ve slept way better this week.

I also learned that my friend Chris actually leaves all his devices at the office a couple days a week. He says he sleeps much better on those nights — and tends to remember his dreams when he wakes up! Sounds pretty cool. Now that I no longer have an office, I will have to think of some tricky way to try this.

On to week 4! This one is a blast from the past:

Schedule time in the calendar for your Daily Highlight

Okay, I know this is kind of a repeat of week 1, when the experiment was to choose a “Highlight” each day, then schedule time to get it done. On most days, I’m still setting a Highlight using the One Big Thing app on my iPhone. But I haven’t been good about scheduling time for it.

Once again, this experiment is inspired by my friend John and his post “Start With a Full Calendar”. This week I’m going to literally schedule writing time in the calendar, every day. For real this time.

If you want to join me this week, here’s what to do:

  1. Every morning, set a Highlight for your day. Just on the off chance this habit has slipped. :)
  2. Schedule time for it on your calendar. Seriously! It could be as little as 5 minutes or as much as an hour and a half.

Reply back with suggestions, comments, etc. Thanks!

Talk soon,


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