Sprint Newsletter #10: Two-day Design Sprint Bootcamp in San Francisco (and a peek at my to-do list)

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I’m finally bringing the workshop tour home with a two-day Design Sprint Bootcamp on November 13–14 in San Francisco. If you want to bring your whole team and sprint on a real project, get in touch and we’ll figure something out. More on the bootcamp after the links…

This week’s links:

  • I wrote a post about my paper-based to-do list method, which was inspired by the forced focus (and accompanying clarity) of working in a design sprint. Check out The Burner List.
  • On a related note, one of my heroes, Sarah Cooper, wrote a post about her method for daily planning.
  • Marcin Wichary is a designer and typographer at Medium. He’s also a great writer, and is working on a book called Shift Happens about the history of keyboards — I highly recommend signing up for updates.
  • EmailOctopus (the service behind this newsletter) ran a Three-Hour Brand Sprint and blogged about the results.
  • Speaking of newsletters, I am trying to take the advice in this post to heart. Let me know if you have ideas for making the Sprint newsletter more useful!

Workshop news:

The workshop in Chicago sold out, and last week’s workshops in London and Berlin were super fun, thanks to all who showed up! A guy named Charles from the UK’s government digital service wrote a recap of the one in London.

More on the San Francisco bootcamp: I’ve done this two-day structure twice in Berlin with AJ&Smart, and I asked them to come to the USA to help me run one here. (It was strangely easy to convince them to leave Berlin in November for a few days in California).

There are a few reasons I really like doing the workshop with AJ&S. First, they’re an agency whose business is 100% design sprints, and they’re very happy to share how to make “sprints as a business” work — right down to sales decks, pricing, and explaining the idea to big company execs. Their perspective really complements what I can tell you about sprints at startups and at Google.

They’ve also tweaked the process in some clever ways to consistently get good results with just four days, not five. Honestly most tweaks I’ve seen to the sprint process aren’t good — but theirs are. In the workshop, you’ll learn all about it. And they’re excellent facilitators, so you’ll see my facilitation style alongside AJ&S founder (and hilarious Irishman) Jonathan Courtney’s style, as well as the AJ&S facilitator at your table.

But on a really basic level, I’m excited about this event because AJ&S are great hosts and super friendly people. They put on great events with great food and they tell lots of jokes. So the bottom line is you’ll learn a lot and have a good time. That’s the end of my sales pitch, really hope you can make it!

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