Whoa, the ‘Sprint’ Book Is One Year Old! And the Sprint Bonus Pack Just Got Awesomer!!

One year ago—on March 8, 2016—we published Sprint. We weren’t sure what to expect. Putting a book out in the world is scary, because once it’s out there… it’s out there. No do-overs.

But it’s been a really cool year. People are reading the book and running design sprints on all kinds of teams. And we know it’s not easy—every time someone runs a sprint, they’re trying something new and convincing their colleagues to experiment. It’s brave, it’s a big deal, and we appreciate it. So thank you!

Some highlights from Sprint’s first year:

  • In April, over 1,000 teams around the world signed up for our first ever Sprint Week.
  • Because Sprint Week was pretty popular, we launched Sprint Bot— automated design sprint coaching via email, and over 700 teams have already signed up.
  • People wrote and shared over 50 behind-the-scenes Sprint Stories, including design sprints at KLM Airlines, Prudential Insurance, the British Museum, and the United Nations.
  • A bunch of rad places invited us to speak, including fancy-pants institutions like Harvard, Columbia, and the London School of Economics.
  • The book is being translated into over 20 languages.
  • Of course, we never miss an opportunity to mention that Sprint made the New York Times bestseller list. Although it was fleeting, we still get to say “New York Times bestselling author” forever, and eventually put it on our tombstones. That’s gonna be sweet!
  • Most impressive of all, Sprint was briefly more popular than Donald Trump:
The only tweet Donald J. Trump did not respond to in 2016.

Our Gift to You: A New and Improved Bonus Pack

In celebration of the First Sprint-versary, we just added four new bonuses to the Sprint Bonus Pack—free for anyone who’s bought the book:

Breather: $75 Off—NEW!

Trouble finding a sprint room at your office? Book a beautiful Breather space instead. (Currently available in NYC, London, and 8 other cities.)

Digital Telepathy: $5,000 Off Your First Sprint — NEW!

No, that’s not a typo. For a full-service sprint, Digital Telepathy offers expert facilitation, catering, supplies, and space in San Diego, CA.

Marvel: $45 Off a Yearly “Pro” Plan — NEW!

Our choice for prototyping websites and apps. We use Marvel in almost every sprint.

Sprint Planner — NEW!

For the first time, we’re sharing the planning tool we use before every sprint at GV. It’s a Bonus Pack exclusive for Sprint readers.

And the Bonus Pack still includes all this great stuff:

Time Timer: 25% Off

We use Time Timers in every sprint. Originally designed for schools, it’s the perfect tool for time-boxing activities.

Blue Bottle Coffee: $20 Off Any Subscription

Stay caffeinated in your sprint with fantastic coffee beans shipped to your door.

InVision: 3 Months Free

Easy-to-use software for prototyping websites and apps.

All you gotta do to get access is buy the book and sign up.

If you already have the original Bonus Pack, you can totally get the new stuff too! Just sign in with your password (if you still remember it) or (if you don’t) sign up again with your book purchase info.

Thanks for a cool year!