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33 tricks for facilitation and teamwork over video

Hey there! This post is a cheat sheet version of The Remote Design Sprint Guide which I created with John Zeratsky, Jackie Colburn, and the input, advice, and smart ideas of over one hundred Design Sprint experts from around the world (see below).

This cheat sheet is pretty good, but the Guide is better and much more detailed—it’s just really long, so I thought it would be handy to have a quick reference thing to go with it. This is that thing.

Wait, what’s a Design Sprint?

The Design Sprint is a process for small teams starting big projects. Following a step-by-step checklist, the team develops competing solutions, chooses the best, then builds and tests a prototype, all in just five days. …

A quick pep talk for those feeling lost or discouraged

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I just moved back to Seattle after eight years in San Francisco. It feels really great to be home. And it reminds me that I’ve been a designer for a while.

In Seattle, phantoms of my earlier life are everywhere. …

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An interview with Range co-founder Braden Kowitz

When I joined Google in 2007, everybody said, “If you want to learn how to get things done, watch Braden Kowitz.” Braden was a designer who’d worked on the first versions of Google Sheets, Google Trends, and Google for Business (which is now G Suite).

Over the years, I learned a ton from watching Braden. I got to work with him for a few years, first on Gmail, then later at Google Ventures, where we also collaborated on a book. …


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Writer, designer, person. Author of SPRINT and MAKE TIME. More at jakeknapp.com.

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