The TRUTH About Everyone EXPOSED!!

Most people voting for a 3rd party candidate aren’t doing it to “punish” the DNC or be petty. The protesters at the DNC and the Bernie bro characterization are not representative of most Bernie supporters. If you’re in a solidly blue state (like NY) where there’s virtually no risk of your state’s electoral votes going to Trump, voting for a third party candidate in hopes of sending a message actually is a very valid use of your vote. I’m not going to do that because I’m too scared of a Trump presidency, but I get it and I think it makes a lot of sense. Also I gotta say I really wish Hillary wouldn’t have immediately hired Debbie to her campaign after she had to resign from the DNC. That felt like she didn’t care about a large number of people’s concerns about establishment politics. I did not like that and feel it further incentivizes people to vote 3rd party.

The people voting for Hillary aren’t sellouts. While she’s a problematic candidate in my opinion in terms of campaign funding and corporate relationships, that’s just how our current system works and she is also maybe the most qualified presidential candidate of all time in terms of experience. She’s also the only person besides Trump who has an actual shot at winning this election at this point. And she did win the popular vote so she’s the legitimate democratic candidate now in my eyes.

I think a lot of the people voting for Trump are just desperate for change and don’t see how another establishment politician could bring that about. They are making a link (an unfair one) between our current Democratic presidency and the divided state of our nation and the tragedies we have experienced. Many are voting for Trump reluctantly, knowing he’s an asshole, but thinking things couldn’t be worse than they are now. It is difficult for me to even talk about these people without being condescending because I really feel Trump is so awful, but check out Chris Gethard’s convo with an actual Trump supporter:

We straw man every possible group to make it easier to alienate them from ourselves. We aren’t seeing each other. We’re seeing these distorted caricatures of every group and the further we see people in terms of these caricatures and develop our opinions around them, the more we become the caricatures ourselves.

Our media is catered to us. Other people have not had the same articles and videos presented to them as you have. They have had an entirely different set of information put before them passively and that heavily influences the way they seek out more information, just like it does for you and me.

Politics are extremely complicated (duh) and deliberately confusing. Political messaging is not designed to be truthful. It’s designed to get you to act, while being close to the truth as a 2nd or 3rd or 4th priority. I was lucky to take a lot of mass communications and media literacy classes in college and it still takes an insane amount of effort for me to sift through exclusively biased sources to find credible information to make my own decisions.

It’s our responsibility to do our best to seek out, process, and act on credible information, so let’s help each other out and be more patient with each other. This is hard to do. This is a crazy year. I’m voting for someone I have a lot of problems with because I have to operate within a system I have a lot of problems with. The system isn’t Hillary’s fault. In other words don’t hate the player, hate the game I guess? Even though I was excited about my first choice, Bernie, I also had a lot of concerns about what his presidency would actually look like. This is all very complicated. Remember how complicated it is and be patient with each other.
 All of this is based on my best possible understanding of things right now and some of it could be wrong. I am wrong sometimes!
 -another biased person trying my best