Personal Connections in Meaningful Community

Hey everyone,

Let me start by saying what an incredible blessing this first year was as we journeyed together and built up the foundations of what I believe will be an awesome group of Young Adults. I am truly blessed to be the one who is given the privilege of leading you, but also learning so much myself from you.

Now, as we go into the Fall I’m hoping that we can use what we’ve already created and make it something that is flourishing and will lead us into engaging more and more people as we pursue Christ. However, in all of that, I’m going to be very focused on the “WE” this year. I need all of you guys to work with me to make Cascade the best it can possibly be. That may come in many different forms, from serving coffee to possibly helping out with music, but what is most important is having you there. I love you guys!

Saying all of that, my vision for this year is as the title of this post, “Personal Connections in Meaningful Community”. I want to be able to create a tight-knit group of people who are invested in each other, love each other and make a concerted effort to commit to one another while still being completely open to welcoming in new people.

As I ask that of all of you, I will also be expectant of myself to be doing the exact same. So in an attempt to keep things more connected I will be using this blog (amongst other things) to keep you guys updated, connected to the word and connected to each other. Also, I would love to be able to set up weekly coffee meetings with you guys!

So after having put that all out on the table, I’m going to the leave the comments section open on this post for you guys to comment both on where you think you could commit some time in leadership and to also let me know when you’re available to grab a coffee (on me of course).

I can’t wait to see what the Lord has in store and how He will pursue us as we pursue Him!

Later :)

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