Washing the Feet Of Your Judas

I remember coming out to my car that was parked on the street outside of the house of one of my friends. We had just finished up for the night after a group of us watched some sort of comedy that was probably more funny because of how dumb it was than because of its comedic value. So here I am, walking down the driveway laughing to myself, having enjoyed a great night with friends, I take my key out my pocket to unlock the door to my car only to find that the key was completely unnecessary — someone had smashed my window.

*lots of deep breaths*

In complete shock I opened my car, rummaged around inside to see if anything was missing and thankfully found that everything seemed intact (beside my poor window of course). Then it dawned on me to check the trunk. Being completely air-headed as I was, I had left all of my music equipment in my trunk after a worship event the past night and it was now gone, along with my backpack that had all of my school work, textbooks and notes in it.

*deep breathing no longer working*

So in my panic, my twenty-one year old self did what any grown man would do and I called my mom. Eventually, after my mom calmed me out of my panic, we got ahold of the police station and filed a nonemergency report with them promising that they would contact me if anything was found.

“I had left all of my music equipment in trunk…and it was now gone”

Alright, before I start hyperventilating again just thinking about it, let’s take a step away and take a look at another story that is somewhat similar (beside the fact that ’94 Celicas wouldn’t be invented for another 2000 years).

If we take a look at John 13, we’re introduced near the very end of Jesus’ ministry; actually so close to the end that it says “Jesus knew that his hour had come to depart out of this world” (John 13:1). So here we have Jesus, knowing that his time is coming to an end, hanging out with a bunch of his pals (okay, his disciples) and having some dinner.

Kind of sounds a bit familiar, doesn’t it?

Anyways, here he is having dinner with his disciples, surely having some kind of delicious 2000 year old food; you’d think they’d be having a good time! Well I’m sure they were, until Judas had to have Satan put the idea of betraying Jesus (resulting in Jesus’ death) into his heart.

Kind of a buzzkill, Judas.

Now, take a minute and think about how that would make you feel.

Okay, so you probably don’t need a minute. Here is a guy who you KNOW is going to give you up to your death and he’s sitting here eating dinner with you like you’re still bffs. You’d probably be pretty upset. I know I was upset when I found my window more on the pavement than it was in my car. So you’re immediate instinct might be to guess that Jesus was going to give Judas an apocalyptic hide tanning, a talking to like no one has ever had a talking to before, a go sit in the corner for the rest of eternity kind of situation. So what does he do?

Grabs a bowl of water and washes their feet.


Jesus has all of the reason and right in the world to out Judas, to ridicule him, embarrass him and disown him and he decides to wash his dirty, smelly feet.



It’s not that Jesus was ignorant of how evil an act this was, he knew fully well. It wasn’t because he had something planned later, some sort of way to embarrass Judas or give him his just deserts. It was because Jesus came to love the unlovable, to redeem the unredeemable, to save the unrighteous.

Romans 3:10 “None is righteous, no, not even one”

You see, Jesus didn’t come to save us because he saw that we were deserving of it. We didn’t do something for God to say “Oops, my bad, better go fix that”. He saved us because of a deep, unquenchable love for us. This love so deep that He sent His own Son down to earth, away from his heavenly glory, had him put on the flesh and struggles of man, bare the temptation we feel and live in a world diseased with sin, all to save us.

Jesus knew our depravity and he loved us through it because he saw something that he thought was worth loving. Even if we were to cast him away, sending him to his death, he would still love us; and he does, every single day.

Romans 5:8 “but God shows his love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us”

I can’t tell you how mad I was at the guy who decided that he needed to bust open my car and take all of my stuff; and the first thing on my mind was hoping that he would get caught and spend a good amount of his time rotting away in a jail cell.

That was until one night when I got a call.

While working I got a call from a number that I didn’t recognize and when I picked it up I was greeted by a police officer from one of our neighbouring cities. He told me that they had found all of my things after having pulled over a truck on the highway that was full of stolen goods.

I couldn’t believe it.

So, I went down to the police station, did a short interview and then was given back every single item that was taken (minus my window - RIP). But even still I wasn’t pleased and brought myself to asking if the culprit would be able to somehow pay for the repairs to my car. In a somber tone the officer said that would probably not be possible in any way. It turns out that the guy who stole my stuff had absolutely nothing — he was dirt poor. On top of that the officer told me that the young man most likely also suffered from some sort of mental illness.


It was in that moment that I was humbled like I had never been humbled before. Here I was, angry, disgusted and self-righteous, thinking that I should be repaid for what I was due (which was only a few hundred bucks); and I forgot to think about what I was actually due.

In a moment where Jesus knew that someone would take everything from him (i.e. his life), he didn’t talk about the undeserving nature of Judas, nor did he chastise him. He went, lowered himself and loved him.

Not only that, he went and took a look at a world of full of the undeserving and gave his life for them.

When was the last time you washed the feet of your Judas?