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Ivan Haidutski for The Block

As CTO and Co-Founder of The Block, a news and research company focused on the cryptocurrency industry, my job is to create and maintain a publishing platform for our talented team of crypto-native journalists and researchers. Our engineers and designers operate behind the scenes to keep The Block humming, our readers and paying members happy, and to ensure that our websites, email newsletters, and membership services are globally available, 24-hours a day.

After a year on the job, I’m proud of what a small team of two engineers (👋@joeles and @web_mech) and one designer (👍@jamescabrera) have built: we’ve extended Wordpress to support multi-tier memberships, crypto payments, paywall previews, and members-only Slack Teams, we’ve launched over 30 publicly visible features since January. In addition to our public work on, we have deployed a significant amount of infrastructure to support our business: continuous integration and delivery pipelines, automated backups, log rotation and aggregation, and a sizable number of backend API integrations. All told, there are nearly a hundred distinct scripts and integrations that silently, tirelessly work in the background to ensure that our engineers remain productive and that our data is backed up and safe. …


Jake McGraw

Co-Founder & CTO at @TheBlock__

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