Let me start by saying that this isn’t a story about physical pain. It can often be an indescribable sensation that only exists in your head. But that doesn’t mean you should numb it. Stick with me. I’ll get to that.

A Real-Life Superhero… Kinda

During middle school, I learned of a boy who couldn’t feel pain. It sounded like a superpower. This boy was destined to be some kind of real-life, Batman.

It was something all us kids wished upon ourselves. But the story, nor the condition of Congenital Insensitivity to Pain (CIP), isn’t about being invulnerable. …

At least it’s not two Lambos in a garage with bookshelves that were just installed.

I can’t tell who’s being scammed. Is it the small business by hiring a shitty marketing agency or is it the marketing agency by hiring someone to do what they’re already supposed to be doing for their clients?

Let me explain.

A Marketer’s Job

A synonym for marketing is ‘lead generation’. Marketing’s purpose is literally to drive leads to a business. If I was a local landscaper struggling to get new clients, I may hire a marketing agency to help bring in more customers with the expectation that I would receive a positive return on my investment.

If I hired a marketing agency…

If you’ve ever been in a sales role (yes, this includes being a business owner) then you’ve probably heard you should never say anything negative about your competition, or at least, what you think is your competition.

If you're confident in your product, you know your competitor’s product sucks anyways. Your product or service is superior in some way that outweighs anything they can do, whether it’s professionalism, punctuality, reliability, or price. After all, if you don’t have a selling point that is better than the other guy’s then what are you selling for?

So why can’t I tell my…

Although I’m directly speaking to a particular industry, the title of this post seems pretty exclusive to people who call themselves “marketers” or “marketing consultants”, but it really applies to any entrepreneur or sales guy out there.

Any sales guru or training guide is going to tell you that 21st century sales and marketing isn’t as much about your price or product as it is about the relationship you build with your clients, i.e. Jeffrey Gitomer. A good relationship can fix a bad problem with your client on your product or service. …

Jake Hundley

Owner of Evergrow Marketing and Director of Marketing at an industrial scale company. Specializing in SEO, SEM, SMM, and Website Development, specifically WP.

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