Studio week 1

In the first studio lecture I've ever had we were told to put together a presentation presenting solutions to the topic witch was the problems with public transport in Perth.

(OFFER & PerthNow, n.d.)

We all chose gropes and were told to resource the topic for ninety min and then present in front of the class. My group and I chose to research the problems with trans Perth and the conditions of the trains and comfort of the passengers.

We identified that Trans Perth trains have problems with there seating and they don't organise their seats in rows but as a long bench forcing passengers to be squished between two other passengers on either side making them feel uncomfortable. the solution is to change the seating design to rows.

we also identified that the train lines needed maintenance regally witch is unavoidable and they do replace the train lines with bus service but the busses get caught in traffic on the journey extending the time taken to get somewhere. a solution for the traffic is the tunnel bus as it is able to hold much more people than the average bus and is not effected by traffic.

(“Recently on the Gondola project,” 2016)

We also had a lecture on Friday where we stated our group projects we were put into groups according to our skills and we were told to come up with an idea of an environment to build. the group leader had the idea to do a temple in ruins witch I had a back story for and as a group we discussed and created a project to present.

We constructed mood boards and a basic backstory presented our idea to everyone witch was an ancient lost temple damaged by war located in a mountains ravine. We then answered and discussed the plan with the other groups answering their questions and taking nots on what to improve on.