Studio week 2

this week the only lecture we had was friday as it was a public holiday on munday but during the week I spent my time resourching diferant cultures and their architecture to help create a culture two new cultures for the races in the game where the temple so we could create a temple based on two cultures architecture. As bad as it sounds I spent some time on the game Skyrim but as i was playing i started to get an idea of how I wanted the temple to look and I was able to determin how Bethesda had created the cultures presented in the game and found that I neeeded to create a lone back story to support the cultures within the univerce that we were creating. I also found that all the cultures were drawn from real life examples with wich were creativly changed by the storyteller.

later in the week I came up with examples of real cultures that could be used in our game story. for the beast race I had picked Aztec wich had style matirials wich could be specificly obsidian. this matirial I thought we could used in statues and weponry for the beast rece.

“Recently on the Gondola project,” 2016

The next culture I thought of was mayan as their achitecture was a good choice for the temples construction.

Cartwright & Mark, 2015

The last culture I looked at for the beast race was Polonesian. This choice was mostly influenced by Skyrim as the Beast race Khajiit culture has similarities to the Polynesian culture and i included it as I thought it worthwile to research previous success in creating a fictional culture.

burnersxxx, 2014

For the human race I thougt of Roman Architecture as it containd alot mable crafting wich is a creamy white colour wich I thought would make a nice contrast to the Beast styling matirial of obsidian wich is a strong shiny black.

“Ancient Roman temples,” n.d.

On Friday I presented my resourch to my group and we all agreed that roman was a good culoture to base the humans off and that for the beast we should have a mix of Aztec and Mayan but not use the Polynesian culture. with this in mind our group leader set about designing how the temple would look wile I volenterd for the dificut task of writting a story/game lore to back up the temples apperancehow ever i didn not get to finish it.

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