Studio Week 3

This week I began by creating a religin as Irealised that to write the treatment (Game lore) I needed to start at the very beginning. so i again looked at the Elder Scrolls gods but also looked at Greek and Roman gods for inspiration to create fictional gods. The resone i did this was to find out what gods influenced in both fictional and real world and I ended up making 11 gods and successfully explained why they were worshiped wich race had more dedication towards specific gods and what each god was responsible for. I then presented it to the group who read over it and agreed that the gods were acceptable.

I then move on to creating the treatment to explain where the gods came from and in the treatment I explaind the reson behind the temple being built. I explained that 10 of the gods had created a powerfull gem stone that held the only power that could relese and evil god from his prison and that the gods had sent this power to the mortal world as to keep it safe from the demon servants of the evil 11th god. The demons could not travel to the mortal world as the dragon God had placed a impasabe barior around the mortal world to seperate the mortals from both demons and gods. teh temple was built to hold the gem and was garded by the dragons and worshiped by the mortals but the humans wanted to use the gems power to conquer the world but the beasts disagreed and a war starded over controle of the gem so the dragons wiped the location of the temples location makeing the temple a lost legond but the war continued as both sides fougt for supremacy as who ever one would gain control of the land and be able to find the lost temple and gem and use them for eather worship or domination. In the treatment I also gave the game a name in realation to these events which was Broken Land. After the Treatment was finished I then drew a basic concept of the Beast King that would be displayed as a statue in the temple.

Unfortunately on the Friday one of my group members expressed his difficulties in working in a group situation and left the group making us a pair but on a lighter side the only other in my group approved of the treatment. So I moved on to create consept art for the human queen statue within the temple. Jono then asked us how we were going and reviewed my drawings and said that i should redraw them in the pose as it would become a more efective consept but unfortunatly I was unable to start the new drawings.

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