And after five and a half years…

Friday was my last day at Thumbtack. Several people suggested I share the note I sent to the team.

Thumbtack Team,

When I came to Thumbtack as an intern, I thought I’d be writing this email in 10 weeks. Instead, it is 5.5 awesome years later. When I came here we were helping customers get 10,000 projects done each year. Now it’s millions.

I’ve always been fascinated with how technology changes the way people live, work and communicate. When I started here, I saw an opportunity to change how a significant piece of the economy works. I’m proud to have helped build a product and company that’s doing just that.

This was driven home for me last week at our leadership offsite when we had lunch with Debbie Dittman. Thumbtack has enabled her to go from a hotel kitchen employee to an independent professional with her own catering business. Debbie told us she gets all of her customers on Thumbtack and those earnings have helped her send her children to college.

Debbie and her business are emblematic of the economic impact and change we’re fostering. Technology has unfortunately left many Americans without work. It’s meaningful to build a product that’s creating opportunities for so many people.

Beyond the impact we’re having, Thumbtack has provided me with amazing personal growth. I recently summarized my experience and five of my favorite learnings in a blog post.

While I’m proud to have played a role in getting Thumbtack to this point, there is much more to do to achieve this exciting and transformative vision. The teams I helped build do things that continue to amaze me every day. And having spent much of the past six weeks with Noam, I leave with both a new friend and complete confidence that he’s an amazing leader to drive us onward.

For those of you who weren’t here in the spring when I announced I was ready for something new, my plan is to take a little time to recharge, move back home to New York City and start a company. I’m not going to be a stranger. I’m going to stay involved in Thumbtack as an advisor and look forward to watching you chase this vision.

Thank you to everyone who joined me on this adventure and pushed me to be better. Thank you product, design, analytics and category management teams for trusting me to lead you on this journey. Thank you to Marco, Jonathan and Sander for giving me a shot to help build this company.

The people are what make this place special. I will miss you all, a lot.

~ Jake