5 for March — Music for Coding, Writing, and Design from Bandcamp

Bandcamp has grown into a great place for small labels & artists to showcase and sell their music. Once a service that mainly bands used, it’s now home to lots of great electronic labels too.

Here’s 5 albums I’ve got on rotation when I’m coding sites, doing UX research or writing this month.

Body Boys — Hood Spectrum

I first heard this group on a compilation and their new full length (Feb 2016) doesn’t disappoint. Full of massive soundscapes, this record dances on the line of ambient and techno. Definitely recommended for those late night work sessions.

Rude 66 — Alienated Madman EP

Rude 66 (Bunker/Creme) has been uploading old DAT tracks and out of print material and for the gritty acid freaks that like a 303 that sounds on the brink of destruction, this EP has it in spades. From the mid-90’s Hague Scene.

Bokhari Records — Swamp Tapes 002

I found out about this compilation from Golden Donna who kicks the comp off. The 14 tracks are divided into tape sides, the first 7 being more dance-floor oriented and the last 7 more ambient and experimental making for an excellent listening experience and a fair amount of artists I don’t know that I’m going to seek out.

Radiator Greys — Denying The Other

I’m posting something I had a hand in, the new Radiator Greys tape on Hausu Mountain. Josh Levi came over to my studio and recorded some of these tracks (I engineered), and I’m really excited to see the finished product come to life. Dark noisy ambient tracks build up to a brutal closing track. Josh’s creative approach to sampling and then destructing samples as well as cassettes in a tape machine is something you should def experience live and he’s touring this spring so keep an eye out.

Deru — 1979

This is an older release (2014) but I discovered it a few months ago and I love it and it’s also now available on vinyl again through the link above so it seems worth it to post. Ambient tracks in the vein of Eno (broadest ref, sorry) that have a wonderful analog organic vibe to them.

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