Here’s how Video Tours will save you time and get you more clients in Real Estate.

Could you imagine being an applicant and looking on a property website and after scrolling through the pictures, you still don’t know if the property is suitable. Or you looked at a property online, viewed it, then found that the pictures made it look better than it actually was?

So I recently did a video tour of a property (not one of these that are a slideshow of all the photos that they’ve just looked through or a generic video tour that shows the local area). I filmed a walk-through of the property whilst commentating to back-up the visuals. It gives applicants an idea of the layout, the condition and also the size.

‘What a great idea, makes loads more sense than pictures. I always want to see the room at a different angle.’

‘Great idea, saves a wasted journey.’

‘Amazing idea, shows the property realism.’

‘Trust me, your videos showed a lot better impression of the house than the pictures.’

So why would creating video tours as an agent be beneficial?


Applicants could watch the video tour in the comfort of their own home, it will give them a clear idea of what the property is like and if it’s suitable or not. But it’s the same for you as agents too, it saves you so much time! 
You could send a video tour to an applicant, it will give them enough information to determine if it’s something they’d like to look at in person or not. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think a video tour should replace somebody viewing a property in person, I just feel it’s a great initial step.

I actually found that the applicants that viewed the property after watching a video tour put in an application for the property.

I continue to wonder why agents are relying on property websites for marketing and not marketing in a way that will actually revolutionise the industry. Do you feel video tours would save time during the application process? Is it something that should be done as standard in the Real Estate industry?

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