The Shocking Reason Millennials are Binging on Songs about Binging on Drugs
Holly Wood, PhD 🌹

I agree that cries for help resonate with people in a strange way. But I disagree that society hates women, and rejects all things feminine. Society is more feminine than it has ever been in all history, because we are very sheltered from danger. Men are extremely feminine, and it’s encouraged.

I personally, when trying to figure out my problems, avoid the avenue of, “I’m not the cause of my problems, society just hates me!” because if you think about it, denying personal accountability just makes your problems unsolvable. Then it’s no wonder you would resort to drug abuse. Many people get high on exercising political power.

So I don’t think women are using drugs because everybody unanimously hates them. I think it’s denying accountability for your actions and refusing to deal with your emotions in the appropriate way that makes you crave drugs.

And, of course, drugs can yield such an emotional release that we enjoy reliving the high. So I don’t find it surprising that people like and relate to songs about drugs.

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