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So , when Asians want to self segregate, it’s for communication and convenience. But when people of European decent do it, it’s just plain racism. Okay, got it.

Nevermind that we are living in an English-speaking country founded by white Europeans. If you are not a racist, you must accept living in a community where people of a different ethnicity take over demographically. People who don’t speak the language you speak, and care little about your culture.

It’s okay for Asians to surround themselves with culturally similar individuals who share many of the same views and experiences, but when whites do it — no good. It’s just immoral.

I appreciate how you can take the issues of one group and validate them with reasoning, while dismissing the other group as a whole as “racist” — a group you do not happen to be a part of. So you cannot claim to know the feelings or motivations of that group.

You have invalidated the emotions of this group and in doing so you have successfully deemed our right to exist invalid. It is cruel, and you should be ashamed for taking legitimate issues and framing them as something trivial, with no real significance.

You fail to address the fact that the “Whites”, as you call them, are comprised of many backgrounds and ethnicities. You have invalidated the cultural diversity of the white race. Whites have a culture that is unique and special, and just as much as worth preserving as that of any race or ethnicity that exists.

And you neglect to explain how “white exodus” actually harms these Asian communities.