The SJW Mother Fantasy

Jul 21, 2017 · 3 min read
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I think what makes the religion of social justice so attractive to these young radicals is the way it indulges their narcissistic impulses and promises them both power and praise, almost regardless of their conduct.

The purveyors of this new system really have created a paracosmic realm where they can be champions of virtue regardless of their antics so long as they pledge loyalty to the cause.

They employ tactics of manipulation to ensnare non-adherents in carefully crafted webs that give power to the cause. They offer to alleviate personal responsibility, as you’ve stated, a tempting prize for anyone who joins the ranks, and reminiscent of religion in its capacity to free us from our “sins.”

But the presentation and the language employed by SJWs gives the ideology an aura of science and philosophy. Of course, anyone can examine their arguments and correctly identify them as sophism. I think it’s the air of sophistication plus the offer of hedonistic gratification that makes the ideology so attractive.

But it really does trap the people who buy in on the bullshit. As it teaches them the evils of the oppressor class, they become inundated by feelings of paranoid inferiority. Such is the subtext of social justice language toward those it pretends to help. It makes them feel inferior then gives them an ego boost.

This is how narcissists operate in the social environment as well. They insulate themselves from responsibility and inflate their own egos to deflect from the reality creeping in, which is that they have rendered themselves unable to deal with life in ways appropriate to functioning adults by continuous self indulgence and self infantilization.

In this way, SJWism is a series of deflections that all serve to grant its followers false feelings of self esteem while shielding them from whatever unpleasant realities they hate in common, usually related to the issue of self development. SJWism is nothing more than a mutually cultivated fantasy. It is the Mother Goddess that suspends her children in a state of perpetual satisfaction.

Or at least, that’s what it attempts to do. In reality, this can’t happen. This uterine utopia can’t be achieved, and so arise the phenomena we are currently witnessesing, all with the same theme:

My Identity.

What do they want?


But they remain unwilling to accept the responsibilities that come with being your own individual, the potential for failure, which is likely especially for someone who can’t help giving up self control. The result is a self feeding cycle of inadequacy and deflection that shows the conflicting desires of the people who participate in the cult: the opposing needs of individuality and the desire for Mother. There’s a reason it’s called regressive.

This conflict is present in all humanity in all stages of life, and I believe that SJWism, with the advent of the safe space, and the ridiculous obsession with identity on a superficial level, shows us an example of what that conflict can become in certain people in a highly decadent society.


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— One Tongue Johnny

By Gyrobo (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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