There’s an app for that
Cristian Tirado

Personally, I have never been one for tracking what I do on a day to day basis, but I can see how others would find it useful. I try to QS but I measure it based on how I am feeling that day. I try to stay active and I go to the gym about 4–5 days a week so i have always felt like no matter what i am being healthy and I don’t need a piece of technology to track that for me. I feel like, as humans, we constantly want to know things and are always on a quest for knowledge and that means we want to know how many steps we take in a day or how many calories we have eaten. In the article it says, “Like any other form of self-improvement, QS is not about securing an ultimate fix. It’s about noticing how you live now, in fine detail”, so in a way we do this to make sure that what we do daily is good for us and I suppose that helps us notice something about ourselves and our daily patterns.

The only example I can think of of someone not wanting to QS, is if they know what they do on a daily basis is bad ( drink, smoke, do drugs) and know that its hurting them but they just don’t want to see the information that brings their fears to life and right in front of their faces on their phones. I feel like having the evidence staring you in the face can be a little unbearable but it is also nice to face the truth and use it to try and change your habits and make better lifestyle choices.

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