Rancho: Mexico 2014

A brief recap and video from my most recent visit to Rancho de Sus Niños

When I first started working at Alma Heights Christian High School back in 2007, I went to Rancho de Sus Niños for the very first time. Seven years later, I’ve seen not only the orphans and day care kids grow, but I’ve seen Rancho’s ministry explode!

To go from laying foundations for a new day care building back in 2007 to seeing the buildings completed in 2010 and then end with watching all the kids playing on the playground in 2014 was incredible to witness.

This trip, we mixed concrete for some walkways and dug holes for new play structures that will be built by other teams. It’s so cool how we can literally lay the foundation for other people to build on in order to bless these kids.

I first met Anselmo, “Kobe,” in 2007 and have seen him grow up over the years. It’s so cool to be able to keep coming back to the same place and see what God has continued to do through so many people investing their time at Rancho.

The difficult thing about doing so many trips like this is it’s easy to become a little desensitized and not be as impacted by it because what seemed so shocking or extraordinary now seems normal.

But the stories I heard while at Rancho really encouraged me. God has done amazing things through the founders and staff all the way down to the young kids they disciple in the day care program. They told a story of a father of one of the young kids who had a rotten tooth that was causing him a lot of pain but he didn’t have the money to go to a dentist to have it pulled. His little son had learned to pray for sick people at Rancho, and so he said just a simple prayer like “Jesus, please heal my dad,” and the guy was healed. He was so amazed that he ended up coming to church at Rancho for the first time. It was a good reminder for me about childlike faith.

The other thing that helped was having 23 of my students around me experiencing this stuff for the first time. We had a great group this year and it was such a great way to wrap up my 7 years at AHC. I love my students so much and was so blessed to spend a week swinging a pick axe with them! ☺

Here’s a video that shows a little of what we did at Rancho.

Thanks for the prayers and financial support that helped me get there!
Photo by Dahlia Rodriguez

Passing out invitations to the evangelism trailer.

One of the day care kids. Photo by Dahlia Rodriguez