Is Dan on Demand worth the money? Actual results. Honest HTC review.

Is the Chinese man in the red suit trying to scam you?

Is it worth $49/mo?

Are you really going to “Discover the Secrets of The New Rich”?

Are you gonna get anything out of it?

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TL;DR Yes, it is definitely worth it.

Give me a few minutes and you will find out exactly

✅ What is it is

✅ What the classes are actually like

✅ My honest opinion on the why you should or shouldn’t join

✅ And of course, is it worth the money

And this is coming from a person who’s implemented a lot of things from Dan on Demand already.

Full disclosure, I am in Dan’s more expensive High Ticket Closer course so does that make me a little biased?

Yeah, probably.

But come on, everyone’s a little bit biased. And I think that gives me a unique perspective on Dan on Demand which hopefully you’ll get by reading to the end of this review.

If you want to learn more about High Ticket Closing, you can watch my review of it here, which I can confidently say, is the most in depth on YouTube. Or you can read about it here.

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What is Dan on Demand?

Dan’s main program is the High Ticket Closer course which only focuses on High Ticket Closing. That’s great and all but he knows a lot more about business so students and fans started asking if he could teach other topics.

So that’s how Dan on Demand came about, and like High Ticket Closer, this is completely live every single month which is pretty awesome.

For example, the first class that happened last month went over his copywriting secrets.

If you don’t know what copywriting is, it’s basically sales in print and you pretty much see it everywhere. Wherever there’s an ad with text in it, that’s sales copy.

And as an entrepreneur or a business owner, it is vital that you know at least a little copywriting even if you’d want to outsource it. So that if you outsource it, you can actually tell if the people you’re hiring are doing a good job.

So that’s the jist of it — going over different business topics and skills live, like marketing, sales, investing, entrepreneurship, branding, etc with monthly homework assignments to actually implement the skills.

You also get a bunch of bonuses, like a recommended book every month that goes along with the content, Dan’s personal notes on that recommended book, a quick-start guide that summarizes everything from the class, a pretty good Facebook group, and more.

What are the classes actually like?

Dan if you’re watching this, I’m sorry but I’ll be honest but I was expecting it to be a little half-assed but man did you prove me wrong.

Even though copywriting may sound like just a business topic, Dan just goes all in into the mindset, philosophy, etc of copywriting just like he does in HTC, which of course is amazing.

If you’ve watched my HTC review, you know that I am a strong advocate for how much more effective live classes are.

There’s just something about knowing that Dan is directly talking to you live in real time, you see the other students interacting in the chat, and it just makes you internalize the information so much quicker than if it was offline material.

So in a nutshell, the classes are pretty damn good. Dan literally holds nothing back, you get all the information you would ever need, and he answers questions live too.

Is it worth $49/mo? Do you get anything out of it?

I would say a 10/10 yes, last month’s class was definitely worth $50 because it gave me a super solid foundation to start messing around with copywriting.

Could I have learned this from a book? Probably, but with DOD:

  • I was able to learn all this in one sitting
  • I got Dan’s years of experience wrapped up into a nice summary
  • I got a plan to start implementing it, and avoid a lot of mistakes right from the start which saves me a lot of time.

By the time you read this, a few more months may have gone by and then there would just be more stuff to learn and implement.

Here are a few examples of copy that I’ve written after that class:

One for the sales page for people looking to join our closing team, Team Live Rich

And some sales copy for my resume that got me my $40/hr remote web dev job…

This was for a video I made on how I got that job step-by-step which I’ll link right here if it’s uploaded.

If you’re interested in picking up this resume, click here.

And I can tell you with full confidence that this copy would have been complete trash without this class.

Is it an upsell?

Honestly, I was actually expecting Dan to upsell into HTC during the first class but he didn’t.

Because the class itself was so similar to how HTC is, he brings up HTC throughout the class casually, and DOD is only once a month, I think it’s naturally an upsell because it gives you a taste of how HTC actually is and if you want more, you would join HTC.

Just wanted to address that in case any of you guys are wondering.

Should you join?

I believe you should if you’re an up-and-coming entrepreneur who still needs training in all the basic skills in business. Whether that be copywriting, branding, marketing, etc.

And I believe you should join only if you’re actually going to try your best to implement as many things as possible. That way, you really get your money’s worth.

And in reality, because it’s only $50/mo, it shouldn’t be too hard to recoup your investment, whether that’d be right away, in the future, or in just the amount of time you save by doing this instead of trying to figure everything out yourself.

So if you’re serious about taking that next step, you can sign up here. 👈

It’s not an affiliate link but it may be in the future. I made this review anyways just because I do believe that this program can help a lot of people.

For those who are still a little bit on the fence or if you want to talk about Dan’s high priced program, the High Ticket Closer Certification course, I’m offering the same thing as I did for that review.

My team or I are willing to spend some time to talk with you on the phone so that we can figure out if this if the right course for you.

That’s how much I believe in you and this program.

But, if you want to get on the phone just to bitch to me about how much of a victim you are, please don’t sign up. 😅

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