How Snapchat gave birth to LIVE CONTENT

Snapchat created a place where sharing Live Content is OK.

Taking a 10 second snap and knowing it’s going to disappear made it comfortable for users to share experiences they don’t want staying on the internet forever. (i.e. imperfect pics and videos, embarrassing laughs, questionable activities, etc.)

Snapchat created an outlet for UNEDITED CONTENT.

Instagram, on the other hand — realized that its users were starting to obsess over their content — often times taking down photos minutes after sharing because it didn’t get enough likes right away.

Instagram was aware of this and tried to purchase Snapchat for 1 billion dollars. Snapchat denied. So Instagram adapted.

BIRTH OF LIVE CONTENT: Instagram realized that Snapchat Stories is essentially Live Content → So they directly copied the Story feature and added it to their platform. Then they took it one step further and added Instagram LIVE.

With the success of Instagram Stories and Live features. Carousel Posts were born.

Carousel Posts allow users to post 10 photos at once. This is to further Instagram’s ultimate goal → Keep people on their platform sharing more and more content.

Snapchat gave people the outlet to share Live content. And now Instagram has adapted. And it’s gave birth to a whole different niche’ of Social Media marketers.