How to use Instagram Stories

The most effective way to use Instagram stories is by posting ALOT of CONTENT. And here’s how..

GET STARTED: Here’s the key → Lower your expectations on how awesome your video is going to be → and start to DOCUMENT.

EXAMPLE: How to document a restaurant? Take pictures of your food and drinks. Record a staff member trying a beer or a cocktail. Take guests for virtual tours.

ASK: When someone is dressed nicely — ask them permission to take a video or picture to be featured. Whether it’s a staff member or a guest.

Ask them how their experience is. Compliment them first and empathize if they say No.

WHAT TO STOP DOING: Setting high expectations. Spending more than 5 minutes on a boomerang.

SHIP IT: It’s not perfect? Post it and take another one. Don’t love a video? Post it and go back to it later. Document what you’re doing and watch it later — learn from it — and post a better one 24 hours later.

Remember — with a story people choose to click and watch it. So keep posting. And people will choose when to tune in.