What will History say about our treatment of Syrian Refugees

Everyone, I believe, has heard the comparison between today’s Syrian Refugee population, and the Jewish during the Holocaust. The comparison is easy to see, but now that we have a chance to write history for the better we seem to just let history repeat itself.

In the US half of the governors have shut their doors to the Syrian Refugees as you can see here on CNN’s channel. Many countries too are at least trying to slow the rate of Refugees into their borders down. The latest is Denmark, who has decided to charge a fee to Refugees who seek asylum there, even if it means taking there last few valuable possessions. You can read more about it here.

I remember studying the Holocaust in school. And I don’t believe a single peer of mine wouldn’t have wanted to go back and change what we read. Now we have a chance to go down in the history books, what will they say? Now that my peers and I are on the verge of being handed this world I’d like to say that we take it by storm, and rise to the occasion of this tragedy with open arms to those most afflicted. But instead the world has decided to shut their doors on those who need it most. I hope this isn’t what we are remembered for.

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