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Have you ever wondered why certain people’s ideas seem to stick? Why their jokes get more laughs, or they can get out of tickets and “sell ice to eskimos”?

Most people think they’re not creative enough to do this, that they aren’t funny, and that they have no charisma. But it’s all nonsense!

It’s not that hard to sell your idea/product/service/yourself to anyone. You just have to make sure you don’t omit the most important part.

Which is, what’s the story?

Ultimately that’s the reason why we walk right past soda machines but the minute there’s a little kid running…

In order to find your true passion, you must look back on your entire life and examine what you like, where you’ve spent your time, the books you’ve read, sports you’ve played, movies you’ve liked, etc. These things will connect dots, and show patterns on your true interests and passions. Enjoy!

Episode 012 is here :)

How to use informational interviews for job success!

In this episode, we discuss how to use your Career Center for help :)

Thanks for watching, and if you’re a young engineer looking for success advice, check out the rest of The 1% Engineer Show. Cheers!


Top 10 Job Hunting Tips for Engineers — Job Fair Tips (5/10) — Many people struggle and are very nervous when it comes to networking events like job fairs. Do not fear!! Being nervous is a massive red flag and you only hurt your chances to generate opportunities. Once you reverse engineer what a job fair actually is, the approach is quite simple! A job fair is really just two filters: do you stand out, and can you actually communicate? Prospective employers will receive potentially hundreds of resumes that day, so you need to delineate yourself from other engineers…

Every engineer has a senior design course during the final year of their academic journey. Many dred this, but in actuality, the course can be leveraged in several ways to position yourself for success in your career. Going beyond expectations, forging great relationships with industry professionals who may be adjunct professors, and achieving true hands experience can yield in more opportunities.

Push the bar higher. At University of Delaware, we had the ability to peer into the archives to examine was teams produced before our time. Most senior design assemblies would simply emulate and reproduce what those had done before…

Simon Sinek book list! I’m sure you guys know about Simon via his recent rival videos about millennials. His prowess goes pretty deep, and he has the third most watched TED talk of all time. In this talk, he discusses a concept he created called “The Golden Circle”. It starts with Why in the center, then How, followed by What. Most organizations know what they do and how they do it, but what about why? What are you trying to do? What is your purpose, your causes — your belief? Typically Simon’s focus is helping people find this purpose. …

Want to find your engineering passion? Check out insane engineering challenges and competitions like the XPrize Foundation and The Visioneers Summit.


We are XPRIZE. We are the global leader in designing and implementing innovative competition models to solve the world’s grandest challenges. We believe that inherent to every individual on the planet is a creative, entrepreneurial and inventive spirit, and as a global community — or crowd — we can activate this ingenuity and create innovation to collectively solve the Earth’s most pressing problems.

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SpaceX just annouced nearly 500 new job openings across a variety of departments and locations. Without question, this surge is due to the amaze record breaking launch and successful landing of a reused Falcon 9 last week — the first ever occurance in history.

Most positions are in the LA headquarters, however some are at a launch facility in Texas, some in Washington DC, and various other US areas.

The jobs run the gamut of experience, from highly skilled engineering positions that require advanced degrees in astronautics, mechanical engineering, or physics to experienced line cooks looking to feed the bodies…

A little behind on posts for this, because Episode 011 is out today! But I’ll keep it in order!
The 1% Engineer Show is my vehicle to communicate to the 1% Engineer Society, a free non-profit I started this year in order to provide career guidance to engineering students.

I’ve worked professionally for over five years, and identified patterns of which engineering become leaders, and end up in the management / power roles. It has no connections to the grades you achieved in university, or really how smart you are. Yes, leaders have to be smart — but not…

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The 1% Engineer Society Empowering Young Engineers. A free community & education platform for engineers. Social media: @JakeVoor

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