When Zuck writes 6000 words, you read it

Today Zuck released a revision to the original founder’s letter he wrote before Facebook’s IPO over five years ago. The letter is summarized below via Business Insider.

  • Facebook cares about getting people together in the physical world, not just on the internet. One billion Facebook users are active members of groups, and Zuckerberg sees those as ways to help facilitate real world interactions.
  • Facebook sees a responsibility to help people stay safe. Features like Safety Check, which lets users mark themselves as safe during a disaster, are important to the company’s future. “Going forward, there are even more cases where our community should be able to identify risks related to mental health, disease or crime,” Zuckerberg wrote.
  • Facebook has a role to keep people informed. “It is our responsibility to amplify the good effects and mitigate the bad,” wrote Zuckerberg. That seems like a battle cry against the onslaught of fake news that Facebook has tried to combat in recent months.
  • Artificial intelligence will be key in keeping hate speech and graphic content off Facebook. “We hope to begin handling some of these cases in 2017, but others will not be possible for many years,” according to Zuckerberg.

Here is a link to the manifesto itself https://www.facebook.com/notes/mark-zuckerberg/building-global-community/10103508221158471/


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