The Love Story of Political Parties and Their Inseparable Ideals
Lexie Ernst

Lexie you bring up some great points. But I think you down play the media’s role in perpetuating the two party system. What gets more ratings? Opposing candidates agreeing on issues or an email **SCANDAL** and handing nuke codes to a ill-tempered individual? Now I realize that the two parties involved have grown so powerful that it is nearly impossible for a third party to win. However, the media plays a huge role in shaping citizens views. Instead of educating the voters on the issues that each side stands for, we are forced to watch a panel discuss candidates mannerisms and potential health issues. If they did chose to stick to issues maybe a lot more people would see that they cannot identify with just one parties issues and there would be more of a demand for a third and fourth party to rise! Yet, this is just a pipe dream due to ratings hungry networks.

News is meant to inform not entertain, the line has become too blurred!

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