My bad — Green was a first time All-Star in 2016 (still an All-Star — the improvement came the year…
Peter Kurtz

  1. My only point was that the author qualified the W’s championship by mentioning the Cavs’ injuries but didn’t mention the W’s injuries the next year at all. That distorts the record. I didn’t say the injuries were comparable. We can argue about whether Steph was at 55% or 70% (please don’t tell me he was at 100%) or how important a starting center is even if he’s not part of the best lineup. But we can’t pretend there weren’t any issues at all.
  2. Green did not try to hit James in the crotch. He just didn’t. If the league had disciplined him for kicking Adams in the previous series, during the previous series, I wouldn’t have complained. But to suspend someone for an action that wasn’t even called a common foul at the time by the ref standing three feet away is ridiculous.
  3. Steph went #7, Klay #11, Draymond #35. Harden went #3, Gordon #7. I don’t understand the common mindset that the Warriors put together some kind of superteam just because they got good *after* they were drafted. And speaking of “made of glass,” I’m sure you remember that Steph missed significant chunks of two seasons with ankle injuries and had surgery, and Bogut wasn’t even able to play when they traded for him. I will acknowledge that they drew a good hand, but I don’t see discounting their success for it.
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