Bros of the Internet Tell Women how to Rock Climb
Georgie Abel

Thanks for your response, it’s unfortunate girls have to put up with that kind of crap and it must be incredibly annoying when it happens.

It seems like it’s a hard problem to tackle for a few reasons. One because the guys that read this sort of blog post, or care about the fact this is going on are usually not the ones these messages are addressed to. Another issue seems to be that there’s only a few guys that are doing the vast majority of the harassing — like many social issues it’s a small fraction of the population that gets all of the attention by being completely outrageous. This makes the problem appear much more systemic than it really is, because it’s not that men in general are disrespectful douchebags, but the 1–3% of us who are happen to be super big douchebags. If it was a problem with men in general, then the more reasonable of us could easily be influenced to be more aware of our behavior, but being that it’s mostly guys who have serious personality issues that are doing the offending, it becomes harder to fix their behavior. Any guy who calls a girl a “fucking bitch” for not going on a date with him is pretty sad and pathetic, and should probably go to a psychiatrist.

The fact that the problem is concentrated to the far end of the spectrum of male behavior also has the consequence of causing guys to become overly defensive about the topic. Most of us feel like the blame is being lobbed towards our gender as a whole and most of us feel unjustly stereotyped. I think this is a reason for a lot of the callous insensitive comments you mentioned. And granted, we should just get over it, because really we’re not the victims here, but it’s easy to get defensive when you feel attacked. I think it would perhaps help to point out that most people of both genders are quite normal and are not a problem, but we still need to talk about those guys that are assholes, and it is actually a problem that only goes in one direction, so it is only guys that we are talking about here.

Anyways, those are my two cents for what they’re worth.

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