Why Quentin Tarantino is a Shithead
Eleanor Amaranth Lockhart

To be pretty blunt, I think that the majority of the points that you have made have little to no actual text evidence and rely very heavily on your personal feelings. While I think that your points are eloquently put, and your argument might have more of a leg to stand on if you found some in text reasoning to support you. To comment personally as a critique of your post, using the words “racist shithead,” you lose a lot of the credibility that you’ve otherwise established. To quote another Medium post talking more on the merit of Tarantino as an auteur “Tarantino uses extreme violence in both establishing a ‘reason’ for revenge to be taken, as well as in the revenge itself. An aspect of Tarantino’s revenge themes, is that it is the victims themselves who take revenge, the most direct and personal example being The Bride in Kill Bill.”(Jennifer Holshausen) When you claim that Tarantino is trying to say something like “Jews could have stopped Hitler if they were better at filmmaking, which I, Quentin Tarantino, am good at.” without any actual reasoning behind that, you sound less like an academic making a well informed argument and more like a person with a vendetta against him. Also, as an aside, while in retrospect, your point on The Matrix sounds valid, again without any evidence from the script or interviews with the Wachowski sisters, it is hard to latch onto.

“The “Auteur” Polemic As Applied To Quentin Tarantino” -Jennifer Holshausen