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What a week…

I’ve been getting up to date with my React skillset and I’m loving it! Everything just flows into me without question, i feel like i’ve been developing with it for 10 years!

Does this mean i qualify for all of those ridiculously overpriced contracts floating around? ..NO, what’s with these? Just yesterday i saw one for $1000AUD per day….who the hell needs that kind of money (calm down people, who doesn’t..am i right?)..

But the main question here is, how? How can Angular come along and reach prices of $7–800 a day then React is all like, psht $1k a day, what’s next? GoLang at 1.3–1.4k a day? if anything i think .NET developers deserve the most for their dedication, still not a fan and i don’t think i ever will be, oh also those java devs working with AEM and such, building components from raw xml, you guys rock.

Now to myself and the reasoning behind this little useless article, I’m questioning my motives in the IT world, I feel as if i’m being approached by recruiters who just don’t care what I want… Oh you’re a Drupal developer, Drupal is PHP, here’s a PHP role we’re putting you forward for that has NOTHING to do with Drupal, in fact, they use Wordpress….-_-

I know lifes not about being picky, but I feel as if i still get a say in where i want to work and with whom, a 3 hour tech test on site unpaid for a contract worth a measly $60k a year (mid-rates) is definitely not worthy of someones time, i think maybe 80k for a 3 hour tech test would be the bare minimum, that way you’re fighting for your worth as opposed to putting aside years (7) of hard work and development in order to say, hey guys by the way i can do this…

On another note, i’m aiming to venture in to the UX space some time soon and have been reading up / practicing / implementing for the last 6–8 months, I’m doing it as i get bored quickly whilst developing websites over and over, day in, day out (repetitive, boring, etc), so i want to capitalise and have an input!

This about sums up what i want to say.


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